25 Sep

Take a virtual ride at the Uni

Baz has been talking to his mate, who has just started studying at the Uni, about all the money he has been saving since he started sharing his drive to work with Purdy a few months back, and started following her fuel saving tips……

His mate likes the idea of saving money, as he drives in from Sudbury each day and it is costing him a fortune. 

It’s Freshers Village, 1, 2, 3 and 6 October and so he’s been investigating what the Uni can offer to help him get started. This is what he has discovered!

He is going to register with Essex Uni carshare to see if he can find another student to car share with online.

He is going to check out the Smartest Driver competition at the Freshers Village.  He’s read that there is going to be a funky driving simulator that lets you take a virtual driving test with a difference!??  He’s hoping the ‘difference’ will mean helping him save money!  Plus there is a £50 Tesco gift card as a prize for the highest score!

He’s there!

So, what do you think?