23 Oct

Freshers fair – result!

Following the freshers fair a couple of weeks back, Baz’s mate Sam is really pleased with the savings he’s worked out.

Not only has he picked up lots of fuel saving tips having had a go on the driving simulator and following his chat with Baz, but he has also found someone to car share with.

Having joined the Uni’s car share scheme, Sam has got in contact with Greg who also lives in Sudbury. Greg doesn’t drive and has been travelling in via two buses which takes ages. So Sam is going to do the driving and using the online calculator, they have worked out that Greg will give Sam £4.63 a day for the 36 mile round trip. This will cover petrol costs, wear and tear and parking charges. Sam is very pleased with that as he’s going to save around £600 a year!

Add to that the savings he will make following fuel efficient driving tips he could be saving almost £850 a year!


So, what do you think?