Car sharing at CHUFT & NEW top tips!

Purdy was chatting to her bezzie mate who works at Colchester Hospital last night, and was impressed to hear that the Hospital wants more people to car share!

Her mate, inspired by all the money she knows Purdy is saving, is going to pop along to an event tomorrow (the 25th) to find out more. She has heard there is a car share coffee club to help find someone to share with and that signed up car sharers will be given a dedicated car share bay! This would be great as it is always difficult parking in the morning.

There is also going to be information about fuel saving tips and a competition. But Purdy’s best mate already knows all this from Purdy.. or does she?!

Our Purdy is always on the look out for more ways to save money so she’s found a few more tips that she didn’t know about before!

Purdy’s top tip No 12!  Combine trips!  – because cold starts use up more fuel.

So Purdy is combining her weekly trip to the gym, with shopping, dropping her tetra paks at Tesco and popping in to see her mum.

Purdy’s top tip No 13!  Turn it off!  – electrical loads increase fuel consumption.

Purdy always forgets to turn off her demister blowers and rear windscreen heater once her windows have cleared…. but she won’t any more!

If you work at Colchester General Hospital pop along to Constable Wing between 10.00 and 16.00 on the 25 October to find out more.


So, what do you think?