Baz’s obsession with the fuel gauge

Purdy is rather amused at Baz’s new obsession with how far he can drive without the fuel gauge moving!

Baz has always been a bit of a fast driver, but having started on his economy drive with car sharing, then promised Purdy he would try out her top tips, he knew it was inevitable that he would have to try her ‘slowing down’ tip as well!

Having discovered that it wasn’t just where they worked that they had in common, Baz and Purdy also have mutual friends in Slough, so they regularly car share to see them.

So the run to Slough (@100 miles one way) was the perfect trip for Baz to give ‘slowing down’ a go. First time, he reluctantly drove around 65mph and was pleasantly surprised at how much more slowly the fuel gauge moved. Next time he tried 60mph – even better! Now he is getting a little obsessed, he tried it at 55mph and then he set himself a challenge of getting to Slough when the fuel gauge was heading for red without stopping for fuel – a little risky when going around the M25 in rush hour – but he got there with fuel to spare!

He’s not into numbers like Bob, he just measures how much he is saving by closely watching how many bars the fuel gauge reduces by per journey. This shows him very visibly that he is saving money and he reckons he is saving £10 – £15 of petrol per trip. He then doesn’t have to charge Purdy so much either when they share the journey.

His best trip yet was travelling at a constant and smooth 55 – 60mph, with no stops or hold ups. How much he is saving outweighs the dent to his street cred, and although reluctant to admit it, travelling more slowly is actually far more relaxing and barely increases his journey time!

Purdy is feeling smug!

So, what do you think?