Bob’s Emergency Kit and cold weather advice

OK, so Purdy has saved him a great amount of money with her fuel saving tips, but Bob Noxious still knows best! Or at least that’s what he likes to think. With the winter coming up, he’s been worrying a bit about Purdy driving in cold weather……

So he’s put together ‘Bob’s Emergency Kit’, and handed it to Purdy.

Inside she found a blanket, a shovel, a reflective jacket, a torch, first-aid kit, small bag of salt, ice-scraper, de icer spray and tow-rope.

Eager to dodge a lengthy and almost certainly boring lecture on how to use it, Purdy grabs the emergency kit and throws it in her boot.

Wrong move!

Convinced she’s not paying half as much attention as she should, Bob goes on to give her extra advice about precautions in cold weather.

Did she know, for example, that the battery needs to be checked and, replaced every five years to avoid annoying and inconvenient breakdowns? Or that it is important to make sure she always has at least ¼ tank of fuel, in case of lengthy delays? Not to mention cleaning her windscreen inside and out regularly to reduce dazzle from low winter sun. Is she carrying spare bulbs? She really should. When were her wiper blades last replaced?   They only last two years and new ones are much more effective.

He’s also going to check the coolant level for her, and make sure she has the right type of antifreeze for top ups. She needs to play her part too.  The windscreen washer needs to be topped up regularly with some good quality purpose made additive to make sure it doesn’t freeze, plus those tyre pressure checks really need to be increased to two weekly now and lights need to be checked at least weekly. Has she got at least 3mm tread on her tyres…..?

Taking advantage of a short pause in Bob’s speech, Purdy hurries into her car and mumbles that she’s late for work.  Relieved to see her father going back in the house, she must admit to herself that she’s just found out loads of things that could prove valuable in the future.

Of course, she’d never admit it to Bob Noxious…….


So, what do you think?