Purdy’s Christmas competition!

Purdy is happy!

She has been putting aside all the money she has been saving since she started car sharing to work with Baz in February and following her own fuel saving tips.

Her drive to work is a six mile round trip and Baz and her have been taking it in turns to drive – one week on, one week off. Over 10 months she has saved £150!

Although its a bit more difficult to work out, she has also calculated how much she has saved following her fuel saving tips. Dad; Bob has helped Purdy keep a log of her miles per gallon, and they reckon she has saved about £85 over eight months.

So that is £235 she has saved over ten months with virtually no effort. Car sharing with Baz is great, he’s a great guy; and following fuel savings tips has become second nature. After a couple of months, they became ingrained and she now follows them without even thinking!

Purdy is feeling a bit flush. £35 is going to her mum towards Christmas dinner. But because she is keen to spread the message about her fuel saving tips, so that you can start saving money too, she is offering everyone with a Colchester connection the chance to win the rest!!

For your chance to win £200 Love2Shop vouchers in time for Christmas enter Purdy’s Christmas competition!

So, what do you think?