Snow worries? No worries!

Although Purdy is pretty confident in her driving skills, she has yet to tackle driving in snow or ice and has to admit the thought makes her pretty anxious. So as the cold weather is setting in, she has checked out what to do in three situations that she hopes to avoid…..

She has already decided that she will heed the general advice and avoid driving unless she really needs to. If she does have to, her three main concerns are getting stuck in snow or on ice, slippery hills – both up and down! and skidding.

Reassuringly the first winter point Purdy comes across is a familiar one! It seems that driving smoothly is key to safe winter driving as well as saving fuel!

With her three main concerns she’s made a mental checklist…

Getting stuck in snow or on ice

Keep calm; easier said than done but she will give it a go!
Straighten the wheels and clear the snow (that’s where Bob’shovel comes in handy).
Put an old rug or sack (Better add those to Bob’s emergency kit) in front of the wheels to create some grip.
Pull away in second gear.

Driving up hill

Leave lots of space between you and the car ahead, (she likes this idea) so that you have a clear run to get up the hill.
Choose a gear you will stay in on the hill, well before you start driving up.
Drive at a constant speed aiming to avoid having to stop or change down a gear while you are on the hill

Driving down hill

Again leave lots of distance between you and the car ahead,
Reduce your speed before you start going downhill,
Keep in a low gear, (she will try staying in 2nd) and avoid using the brakes as much as possible.
If you do need to brake, do it very gently, if the car starts to skid, release the brake and clutch until you gain control.

Purdy hopes she is not going to have to put any of this advice into practice, but at least now she feel a little bit better prepared.

So, what do you think?