16 Jan

Who won an early Christmas present?

Purdy’s Christmas competition has come to an end now, and one lucky winner won £200 Love2Shop vouchers. Judy Stanton, a Colchester Institute employee received this unexpected early Christmas present, much to her delight!

Purdy loads of money portrait 2In these past weeks we’ve all made New Year’s resolutions and Purdy thought her Christmas competition was a good opportunity to ask you to commit to changing one driving habit – nothing too drastic, just one small thing that would reduce your fuel consumption but also contribute to making Colchester a better place to live and drive.

Judy, our winner, along with the majority of you pledged to walk short distances instead of using the car. Others have promised to check their tyre pressure at least monthly, and some (Purdy particularly likes this ) will tell their friends about Loveurcarcolchester to get them get just as informed as you are.

Aargh –  New Year’s resolutions…Purdy remembers how many she has made and then forgotten about.  But these are different! Her fuel efficient tips are easy to follow, save money and soon become a habit. And she is going to be so proud if you remember yours and stick to it!

And since they always say ‘lead by example’, she’s publicly making her New Year’s resolution here: she’s picked up from the competition what you, the public would like to know more about; and she, along with Baz and Bob will be working hard to deliver this to you over the coming months. So make sure you come back regularly to check, sign up to facebook or twitter or sign up for blog alerts.

Some of the themes suggested include information about specific topics such as driving in icy conditions, seasonal advice etc, up-to-date info about local road works, where to find the most reasonable prices for petrol (definitely on her list!) and loads of others.

As a start Purdy’s already blogged Snow Worries,  No Worries,  and Bob’s put together some cold weather advice and an Emergency Kit. Purdy’s doing some research for another blog about ‘skidding’

The New Year already sounds promising for Purdy! Good luck with your resolutions and if you didn’t make one, it’s never too late!

So, what do you think?