Avoid those road works…


Getting stuck in traffic because Purdy didn’t know the best route to take sounds all too familiar to Baz. He keeps reminding her to avoid congestion and road works as per her top tip no 5!! (d’oh!) – well even Perfect Purdy can’t be perfect all the time!!  Really what would work best is if he could just find a website that lists all the traffic disruptions.

So he’s done exactly that.  Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t as straightforward as he would have expected – maybe Purdy was right to be confused after all! Some sites were painfully slow, others not very useful, some were easy to use but said there were no road works in Colchester – now that definitely isn’t the case!

Eventually he had to conclude, that the local Essex County Council website was the most helpful.  It’s not as slick as some of the others, but what it lacks in style it makes up for with information – he can even see the road works he drove through in Butt Road the other day!

You simply enter Colchester and a map comes up of all the road works.  You can pick and choose your map layers to include current works, planned works and live traffic. You can click on each warning triangle to get more information including who is doing the work and a contact number. The warning triangles are colour coded with red being the highest impact with delays likely.

Just looking at today’s map he can see potentially high impact road works on Butt Road, Mersea Road, Balkerne Hill and Cymbeline Way.

Baz also signed up for a daily email alert which gives you a run down of local road works starting that day or the day after.

So from now onwards Baz and Purdy are going to diligently stick to Top Tip No 5 and ‘Plan their journeys to avoid road works and congestion’

And if there is no way to avoid the road works, Purdy has reminded Baz of her…

As an aside Baz also found a way of reporting potholes, highway and pavement problems and lining issues that may prove useful at  Report a High Way Problem

Good luck;  Baz hopes this post is of use.  If you find a better website let us know!

He is now on the hunt for an app or tweet that has accurate local info…..he will keep you posted.

So, what do you think?