Time for a spring clean


Springs finally seems to be in the air, after some really wintery weather that everyone’s been complaining about.  Purdy can’t wait to go out for a drive in the lovely sun with Baz …………for a romantic afternoon?!

Even if the roads are clear and the chances of snow now very remote,  Bob Noxious stops Purdy before her mini-getaway to warn her about the less obvious aspects of driving in the spring.  Knowing all too well that she won’t be able to avoid his advice,  she listens patiently- as she knows that although he can be a bit long winded he is always armed with good intentions.

Here it goes…..with such nice weather (at least in comparison to previous weeks),  it may be easy to forget what the car has been through. That’s why she should do an overall check-up, both inside and outside.

With the inside, one of the most likely enemies is damp which if left unattended can lead to rotten carpets, discoloured upholstery and more unpleasant surprises.  To prevent it,  Purdy can take out the loose mats and check the inside of the car for any signs of damp or water penetration, and, if the weather is sunny enough, leave the doors open to help airing the car, as long as she keeps a close eye on it.

The outside,  however,  is what has suffered the most; a good shampoo and condition is needed to get rid of that winter grime! Warm water and a car shampoo will do the job,  starting from the roof and working her way down to the bottom, Purdy can make a big difference to her car. To finish the job and restore her car’s sparkle, a good quality polish will help bring back its shine.

Finally,  cleaning the underside of the car is crucial,  because it is where most of the dirt and salt from the winter accumulates which causes corrosion – get the hosepipe out and hose down the underside!

That sounds like an awful lot of work to Purdy,  but she loves her car and doesn’t want to risk longer term damage..…..Hmm,  good thing Baz is around,  maybe the afternoon plans will have to wait for a bit after all…….

So, what do you think?