They’ve walked – have you?












Have you made a pledge yet to change one of your short car trips for the pavement and be in with a chance to win £100 to spend on shoes!?

Purdy’s full of the joys of spring and has been working on her friends, colleagues and neighbours to get them out of their cars for short trips and walking instead.

After some gentle persuasion, her neighbour has agreed to try walking her kids to school instead of taking them by car.

Her bezzie mate Sarah, who she has nagged for ages to walk to work instead of driving, is at last going to give the pavement a go seeing as she only lives a fifteen minute walk from the office.

Baz’s mate Freddie is walking to the gym.

Baz who has proved harder work to get out of his much loved car, is doing his bit too. He has stopped driving around the corner to buy a sandwich and has joined Purdy, walking to the café instead.

Purdy’s so enjoying walking now that the weather has improved, that she’s taken things a step further and incorporated a walk into her journey to work too by getting Baz to drop her off a mile from the office.

It is great, she is getting to work feeling refreshed and raring to go.  Baz on the other hand is arriving feeling grumpy and slightly stressed having got stuck in the grind at Mill Road and no longer having Purdy in the car to chat to, to pass the time!

It’s all good, but Purdy wants more people walking and more people pledging.

For inspiration and to see what others have pledged look at Purdy’s previous blog 

Make a pledge and we will enter you into a free prize draw to win £100 to spend on shoes!

This competition is now closed, however you can still make a pledge to walk instead of drive HERE.

Congratulations to Boontawee who won the £100 vouchers to spend on shoes and pledged to walk to the town centre instead of drive!

So, what do you think?