Watch our FLASH MOB!

Our Flash Mob surprised shoppers in Culver Square! Watch the video, and if our song makes you smile, why not make a pledge to swap one of your short car journeys for walking instead!

Thanks to Colchester Institute’s Musical Theatre students, Sing Brightlingsea and lots of members of the local community for taking part, Culver Square for letting us mob them,   Amelia Campling for composing the fantastic music and lyrics and V102 and crew for the filming and production.

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  • What a good idea. I live in Johannesburg so only heard of this through Emily’s friend Guinevere. The more people worldwide stop burning fossil fuels for energy the better it will be for all life forms, including ourselves. The bigger problem however is in getting those, who profit from selling fossil fuels to us all, to turn their resources and skills to the provision of renewable energy technologies rather than continuing their efforts to provide more and more fossil fuels. In view of the damage to the biosphere caused by excessive CO2, in my mind, such people are no better than drug dealers trying to ensnare more and more people into using drugs.

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