23 Jul

An Appy Bob is a happy Bob!

bobthinkBob has always been a bit of a technophobe and can never understand how Baz and Purdy can get so distracted by their phones, surely there can’t be that much on it, can there?

Bob has had a smart phone for a while now but rarely uses it for anything other than, well, phoning and texting really, although he did manage to browse the internet once. He has never been interested in the apps, that was till now.

After a while of slinging birds at pigs and coordinating colourful candy Bob stumbled upon an app that could apparently save him money on his fuel bill and even gives him a score on his driving efficiency! Best of all it was free!

This gave Bob an idea, a challenge for Perfect Purdy to even the score, who was the more fuel efficient driver?

Check back soon to see who won, but in the mean time why not try yourself or challenge a friend? The app can be found here or you could also use this app to see how much you saved! Both are available on iPhone and Android phones.



So, what do you think?