11 Sep

Bob Noxious’ Autumn Ritual

Finally, the autumn season! Bob Noxious couldn’t be happier that the summer is over and the cloudy, rainy autumn months have begun. He’s always enjoyed a peaceful, slightly chilly day in September more than the hot days of summer. Yes, it’s unusual, but then again – what is normal when it comes to Bob Noxious?

Together with the chilly days of autumn though, comes a new set of worries related to his car. Over the years, he’s transformed them into a ritual that must be enacted each September without fail:

  1. During autumn months, the dazzle from the low sun can be particularly dangerous. To minimise the chances of it happening, Bob Noxious pays extra attention to keeping his windscreen clean – inside and out. Also, a quick check of the windscreen wipers is always useful- if they are worn out, replacing them will guarantee a cleaner windscreen.
  2. If there is any sign of the battery struggling, it’s very likely that it will completely stop working at some point during the winter (especially if it’s over five years old). In situations like these, Bob Noxious acts promptly by renewing the battery to avoid complications later.
  3. Of course, there are other worries that a driver has all year-round, such as checking the tyres’ condition, oil levels and bulbs, so don’t forget to add them to your list!

Given Bob Noxious’ years of experience behind the wheel, we think he might be right about these sorts of things…So even if you’re not as organised as he is, give it a try anyway and see if his ritual pays off!

So, what do you think?