What! 70p a litre?

Baz only pays 70p a litre for petrol when he is travelling to work and over a year has saved £180 for his six mile round trip ! How does he do it? Well it’s simple really…

Instead of driving to work alone every day, he shares lifts with Purdy, and therefore halves his petrol costs, plus he enjoys Purdy’s company on an otherwise fairly boring drive.

Baz loves nothing better than plugging in his iphone, playing a tune and singing along with Purdy as he sits in the traffic in Mill Road.

…and because he loves his tunes and loves saving money car sharing, he wants you to give it a go too…

Why don’t you talk to your colleagues, friends and neighbours and see if you can find someone to try a car share trip with and halve your petrol costs?

Try it and tell us how it went before 3 November 13 and Baz will put you into a free prize draw. The first lucky 20 picked will win a £15 iTunes voucher and everyone who contacts us will receive a funky Loveurcar window screen sticker giving you a chance to win cinema tickets each month.

Share your story below, post it on facebook or tweet us at @loveurcarcol

If you need a bit of help getting started…first get some inspiration from Baz

Work out how much you could save

Get some advice about car sharing

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