‘See Me’

Purdy doesn’t like driving at this time of year, one day you are being blinded by the low sun, the next it is dismal and drizzly, plus with the clocks going back it is getting darker earlier.  She also worries about her friend Sarah who cycles to work all year around.

Her fears are unfounded where Sarah’s concerned, she couldn’t miss her cycling home in the dark last night, elegantly decked out in about as much high viz, lights and reflectors as is possible to wear at any one moment! Sarah who is both a driver and cyclist, subscribes to Cycle Colchester and told Purdy about the ‘See Me’ campaign to remind cyclists of the legal requirements for lights and reflectors when visibility is poor and in the dark and to encourage them to wear high viz, correctly fitted helmets and reflective clothing to help them be seen and to keep safe when cycling.

Sarah did say that it would be useful if Purdy could make drivers aware of a few key points that would help cyclists stay safe in winter:

She said to please:

  • Give cyclists lots of room when you over take, the highway code recommends a car’s width – there could be potholes, drains or debris at the edges of the road that you as a driver can’t see.
  • Match your speed to the conditions and make sure you will be able to stop well within the distance that you can see to be clear – on country roads there could be a group of cyclists, a horse rider or pedestrians around the next bend.
  • At night, use dipped headlights when approaching cyclists as you would when approaching other road user.
  • Allow cyclists extra room in wet weather as surfaces will be wet and slippery.

As both a driver and a cyclist she also wanted to highlight the following from the  ‘THINK!’ advice for drivers.

  • Look out for cyclists, especially when turning – make eye contact if possible so they know you’ve seen them
  • Use your indicators – signal your intentions so that cyclists can react
  • Always check for cyclists when you open your car door
  • Avoid driving over advanced stop lines – these allow cyclists to get to the front and increase their visibility
  • Follow the Highway Code including ‘stop’ and ‘give way’ signs and traffic lights

Whether you cycle or not you might be interested in what advice is given to cyclists! THINK! advice for cyclists.

The AA also gives useful guidance for both drivers and cyclists for sharing the road safely

Drivers can also check out Bob’s Emergency Kit and Cold Weather Advice.

So whether you are a driver, cyclist or both, stay safe over winter and please look out for each other!

So, what do you think?