Get in gear for the New Year

New year 2014 billboard 1

2013 is now finished and we are starting a new year together with even more enthusiasm to help you make a positive difference in your driving- and your funds!

During this last year we have kept busy with campaigns such as our very own Flash Mob, ‘Don’t be an Idler’, ’70p a litre’ and to top it all, a Christmas competition with a £300 prize for one lucky winner! We appreciate your involvement and really hope that you are taking advantage of Baz, Bob and Purdy’s advice…If you need a quick reminder of what you can do in order to save money, be greener and keep fit have a look at our other blogs– you’re bound to find something that will prove useful.

And for those of you that are still working on your New Year’s resolutions: maybe you can think about your driving habits and see if there’s anything you can improve? For example, I have decided to walk for short journeys instead of jumping in the car and it actually feels refreshing to be more active without putting in too much effort. Whether that sounds like something you would like to try or you’ve got something else in mind, don’t be afraid to give it a go!


So, what do you think?