Can you make one change?

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Christmas is already a dim and distant memory and we are already a month into 2014! But it’s not too late for New Year’s Resolutions and Purdy and Baz are asking YOU to be part of making Colchester a better place by changing one thing about how YOU drive.

In the New Year, Baz told us what he did in 2013 to save money, keep fit and green up his driving. This included walking for short trips instead of driving, turning off when waiting in traffic (or waiting for Purdy!) and continuing to car share with Purdy to work.

So what could you do?

Baz is thinking of ideas for 2014, so for his benefit and to give you some ideas  about what you could do – let’s see what those who entered our pre- Christmas competition said they would do, to make their drive into Colchester over the festive period greener?

The most popular ideas were to walk instead of drive and to try the bus. 

For those that needed to drive in, grouping several separate journeys together into one big trip was the most popular thought for greening up their driving, because short journeys pollute more. This was closely followed by trying a car share to reduce the number of cars on the roads and stepping off the accelerator well in advance of approaching a junction to reduce fuel usage.

There were a number of people who entered who don’t actually drive but they said they supported Loveurcar and would encourage someone who does drive to adopt a greener driving habit over Christmas – so thanks for that!

Clare who works in town was the winner of the prize draw. She usually drives in from Sudbury but tried the 754 bus in the lead up to Christmas.  She said; 

‘The journey was fine, the bus turned up on time and although it took a little longer than driving in, it was good not to have to bother with trying to find somewhere to park once I got into town.’

So how about it?  What could you change in 2014 about how you drive to be part of making Colchester a better place? Remember any changes you make will save you money as well through using less fuel. 

Post your thoughts below and we will send you a funky Loveurcar windscreen sticker, giving you the chance to win cinema tickets each month!

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Watch Purdy’s short film if you want a few more ideas…















So, what do you think?