1 Apr

Think Bikes!


With the weather improving, there will be a growing number of cyclists and motorcyclists using the roads. Purdy and Baz themselves are planning to start cycling to work a couple of days a week when the weather is good.

According to the AA, failure to look is the most commonly cited (42%) contributory factor in UK road accidents.  Over half of drivers they surveyed were often ‘surprised to see a cyclist or motorcyclist appear out of nowhere.’

It’s not possible to ‘appear out of nowhere’,  so if the above strikes a cord with you, now’s a good time to get into the habit of regularly checking your mirrors and blind spots.

Check out the AA’s Think Bikes campaign from last month, ‘the AA – now you see me’  video will make you wake up and think, if the blurb doesn’t!



So, what do you think?