Walk the Talk

Baz and Purdy work at North Colchester Business Park and during May they are taking part in an exciting local business community project to encourage walking at lunchtime. 

Walk the Talk offers twelve local walks of differing lengths across the business park with information about each including distance, calories burnt  and number of steps. 


These days a lunch break seems to have become a rare thing, but we all know subconsciously that we are better off if we do take a break. A bit of activity and fresh air through a lunchtime walk is great for thinking time if you are alone, or socialising if you walk with friends! It is also invigorating and gives you more energy and a clearer head for the afternoon ahead.

Throughout May there will be competitions, quizzes and prizes donated by local businesses to encourage people to try out the routes and share their stories.


Walk the Talk map

If you would like a Walk the Talk guide, check out the outlets on the business park here

You can keep up to date via Facebook and Twitter and find out more at www.walkthetalk.today

It’s a bit of a gloomy day today, so Baz and Purdy are planning to try out one of the shorter routes for a brisk lunchtime walk.

They are just deliberating over whether to try the Seedbed Circle, the Crescent Loop or the FJG Walk in the Park!

Baz is also planning to encourage his friend to join in too and to walk around the corner to get his lunch rather than take his car!


Do you know anyone who works on the North Colchester Business Park? If so please help us spread the word about Walk the Talk.

So, what do you think?