Charged up and ready to go in 30 mins

Electric car charger launch photo

If you’ve been thinking about buying an electric car, or have friends or family who have one, you will be pleased to hear that Colchester’s first Rapid Electric Vehicle Charge Point has just been installed at Weston Homes Community Stadium.

There are two other rapid chargers in Essex, one located at the George Yard car park in Braintree and the other due to be launched in the next few days at the Lord Butler Leisure Centre in Saffron Walden.

This allows a vehicle to be charged in 20 – 30 minutes, a lot faster than the standard charge points, which take a few hours.
Not knowing much about facilities for electric car owners locally, Purdy decided to do a bit of a google search and was surprised at how many charge points are around. However these points are not rapid. Fast chargers take around 3 – 4 hours to fully charge
  • Waitrose and Asda have charge points in their Colchester car parks so you can charge up while shopping
  • Car dealerships Glynn Hopkins Ltd, and Renault’s Lookers also have them though only for eligible users
  • There are a couple at the University of Essex
  • Blossom Beauty Studio offers its customers a free charge up
There is more detail about each charger point and the deal for using it on a useful website
Do you have an electric car, or do you know someone that has? We would love to talk to you and find out how it works for you and how much you save, so please get in touch!


  • Hi well, I have just bought a second hand electric car . What is there to do there for 30 minutes or more whilst your car charges at Weston Homes Community Stadium!?! ? Why on earth are there no charge points attached to loveyourcar car sharing bays in town centre shopping car parks – or just normal bays at the Colchester North rail station. I’d use those ones but I’ve never been to the stadium and doubt many electric car owners – commuters and school run mums will use it either – probably a great big waste of money – whose decision was it to site one there and how well used is it?

    • Great that you’ve bought an electric car! The rapid charger at the stadium is aimed at people using the A12 who need to charge up en route. If the stadium isn’t convenient for you, have a look at this website – – for other places you can recharge, where there’s something to do for half an hour, such as Waitrose, Asda and Tollgate.

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