13 May

Car share bays take off!

Purdy is really pleased with how well the new dedicated car share bays in the town centre car parks have taken off. If she is completely honest about it, their popularity has taken her a bit by surprise!

Six months in, and 300 permit requests later, it felt like the right time for a bit of review.

From the 300 applications received, useful background information has been gained. The scheme seems mainly popular with 20 – 39 year olds (43% ) with 40 – 59 year olds (37%) close behind. The majority of car sharers, at 52%  are coming to town for shopping with 24% coming in for leisure and 19% for work.

83% of those who have requested permits are already car sharing and 78% are sharing with family members. However, Purdy is thrilled to see that 55 people are new to car sharing and that 68 people are sharing with friends, neighbours and work colleagues.

Some people giving feedback have said they haven’t seen the bays being used much. 45% of people applying said they would be parking 1-3 times a week and 35% over 3 times a week, which is pretty regular!

Purdy passes through Vineyard St car park a few times a week and there are usually at least 2 cars in the car share bays displaying their car share permits.

What Purdy doesn’t know is generally where people are parking and whether some car share bays are more popular than others.   Purdy would also like to encourage more people to car share with non-family members and encourage more commuters to car share as this will impact most on traffic congestion.

So what next? Well Purdy plans to contact those 300 plus car sharers in the next couple of months to find out how they are using the bays, where they park and how often. She anticipates that there is scope for a lot more car sharers  to use the current bays, so will be working on new marketing plans as well as encouraging more people to promote the bays through word of mouth.

If you are using the car share bays, feel free to share your feedback ahead of the survey that is coming up!

If you don’t use them, but are planning to car share, apply today!


So, what do you think?