1 Oct

Renewing your LUC car share permit

The LUC car share permit scheme is almost a year old now and 505 car share permits have been issued so far!

If you were one of the first to join the scheme then your permit is almost up for renewal.

To renew your permit please complete a Renewal Form HERE. Please apply at least ten working days before your current permit expires. 

Thanks for continuing to be part of the scheme.


  • A real help but find it annoying when disabled people use the bays.

    • Hi Isabel, thanks for your comment. Blue badge holders are able to use any bay in the car park including the LUCC bays if the disabled parking spaces are full. As most blue badge holders do car share into town anyway we do encourage them to join the LUCC scheme.

  • I think it’s a great scheme, me and my family go to Colchester nearly every weekend but obviously the spaces are on a first come first served basis and we get a space 9/10 visits. The secret is to get there early now what more encouragement do you need to get out of bed and go shopping or just for coffee like we do ☕️

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