24 Feb

LUC rolls out at Colchester station

If you have used the station via the South entrance in the last few days, you may have noticed four new LUC 2+ bays have appeared!

With near on 700 permits issued to date, we are really pleased to be working with Abellio to roll out the LUC car share scheme at the station.  The four 8 hour maximum stay bays will be launched next week as part of Abellio’s customer service week.  In the meantime if you want to apply to use them please do so using the link below.

LUC car share bay scheme application form




  • Hi – is there any planned scheme, or existing places for electric cars?

    Thanks, Tom

  • I have yet to see a car actually use the facility at Colchester Station – which is deeply annoying as the space could be far better used by commuters

    • We wish more people would use them, so please help us spread the word! Abellio agreed to offer the four spaces free of charge, not to be used by commuters (that’s why there’s an 8 hour limit) but to encourage people who usually drive to say Chelmsford, Harwich or Ipswich to make these local journeys by train. And they’d be handy if you’re planning an evening out in London too.

So, what do you think?