Join us – National Clean Air Day 15 June

Did you know that?

  • Colchester has 4 air quality areas where air pollution levels exceed the maximum EU permissible level Find out more
  • 143 early deaths in Colchester each year are attributable to air pollution Find out more
  • Air pollution affects children’s health more than it does adults  Find out more
  • Air pollution is mainly caused by motorised transport. Find out more

We all have a responsibility to improve air quality and together we can make a difference!

Three simple things you can do TODAY.

1) Increase your awareness and understanding of the health impacts and causes of air pollution
 Use the links above to find out more.

2) 15 June is National Clean Air Day, join thousands of others and PLEDGE HERE to make a change.
You might pledge to turn your engine off whenever you can, try getting to work a different way, walking your children to school or raising awareness of others about air pollution.

3) Sign up/download or share with others airTEXT
airTEXT is a free service for the public providing air quality alerts by SMS text message, email and voicemail and 3-day forecasts of air quality, pollen, UV and temperature across Colchester. Especially important for anyone you know with heart, lung and respiratory health problems.

Please join us and make a difference.


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