LUC Car Share scheme

Welcome to our LUC Car Share Permit scheme! 

Loveurcar Colchester aims to help all drivers save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

Car sharing is definitely one of the easiest ways to save money on your driving,  through sharing parking and fuel costs. It also makes your driving greener by reducing the number of cars on our congested streets.  See our page on Car sharing for more inspiration and advice.

To thank you for car sharing we offer LUC 2+ dedicated bays for car sharers in preferential locations in four town centre car parks and Colchester station. The bays are located either near the entrance or exit of each car park giving you easy access in and out of the car park.

You can find two bays in St John’s Street car park and four bays in Vineyard Street, Britannia, and St Mary’s  car park (normal charges apply). There are also four FREE OF CHARGE (8 hour maximum stay) bays on the South side of Colchester station.

To register to use the bays, complete the application form below, press send and that’s it!  We will send you your car sharing permit in the post once we have validated your request*.  Applications will be processed within ten working days. Once you have put the permit in your windscreen, you can start using the bays.

If you already have a permit but now need to renew it, please complete this form

* Subject to Terms and Conditions (see end of form below)

LUC car share permit application form


    Your details


    Your car share partner's details


    About your car share


    Terms and Conditions

      • -a car share is defined as a minimum of two adults over the age of 18 years sharing one car for the journey.
      • -the permit is assigned per car rather than per car share, therefore an application must be made for each car used and the permit is not transferable
      • -there is no charge for obtaining a LUC permit, but the owner has the obligation to renew it annually (the owner is defined as the person whose car is registered for the permit)
      • -the LUC parking bay may only be used on the days when the permit holders are car sharing (as defined under section A)
      • -the LUC permit allows the owner to park in designated car share bays when car sharing, but does not exempt him or her from paying parking fees as applicable. These still need to be paid in full whenever using the car park (unless already in possession of a paid season ticket or charges do not apply)
      • -the LUC car share bays at Colchester station are available free of charge however there is a maximum stay limit of 8 hours
      • -the LUC permit must be displayed clearly in the windscreen whenever parked in a designated car share bay. (Blue badge holders should also display their blue badge)
      • -this scheme is only available in the following car parks: St Mary’s MSCP, St John’s MSCP, Britannia, Vineyard Street and Colchester Station (south side)
      • -LUC 2+ spaces are available on a first come first served basis. The permit does not guarantee the availability of a space
      • -the car share bays will be monitored to ensure they are being used in conformity with the specified terms and conditions
      • -failure to conform with the specified terms and conditions may result in the withdrawal of your LUC car share permit.
      • -users of the LUC car share bays must comply with the regulations of the car park or the owner of the vehicle might be liable to receive a penalty issue
      • See Tariff Board in car parks for full details of Terms and Conditions.
        We may contact you from time to time or send you user surveys to monitor the use and success of the bays. Your cooperation in responding will be appreciated