About Us

Do you ever consider the impact of your driving?

Loveurcarcolchester aims to encourage everyone who drives in Colchester to be a little more conscious of the impact of their driving on their local surroundings.

If everyone can make some small changes to how they drive, this could have a positive effect on local air quality, health and the wider community.

Loveurcarcolchester gives you ideas, tips and incentives to green up your driving,  save money and reduce wear and tear on your car! Also useful local information to help you have a smoother, more environmentally friendly journey.

Perfect Purdy, Baz and Bob  are heading up our campaign and doing the research that most of us don’t get time to do! Their advice is based on research Loverurcarcolchester has undertaken and reviews of best practice available.

They don’t claim to be experts,  so please don’t misconstrue this website as professional driving instruction or expert advice, though we can assure you that Loveurcarcolchester only uses information from reputable sources.

Who is behind the project?

The project is brought to you by the Colchester Borough Council Air Quality Team, Colchester Travel Plan Club and V102 as part of a Defra funded project to encourage greener driving in Colchester for those journeys that have to be made by car.

 Colchester Borough Council’s Air Quality team

The invitation from DEFRA to put forward a bid for innovative ways to tackle air quality was a fantastic opportunity to try something different.  With air quality management areas in Brook St, Mersea Road and the town centre, caused in part by traffic related air pollution, we put forward a bid for a new approach to encourage greener use of cars.  DEFRA liked our ideas sufficiently to invest in Colchester,  and we hope that what we achieve through our Loveurcar campaign will be successful locally; and something to share nationally.    CBC – Air Quality

ColchesterTravel Plan Club

Emily, Claudia and David head up the Loveurcar project to give the promotion of greener driving in Colchester a new and more interesting face.  Usually working with local businesses to promote sustainable transport to work, this has been a great opportunity to work with a wider section of the community with targeted marketing campaigns.    Colchester Travel Plan Club


V102  are the creative force behind the project.  As an exciting digital new media company they came up with the idea for the film and as well as producing it, have created our radio ads, billboards and all the imagery for the promotional material.   V102