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Win shoes taking the pavement

It is so easy to jump in the car, even for those short trips to pop to the newsagents, take the kids to school, grab a sandwich at lunch time or go to a meeting. Well Purdy’s on a mission […]

Time for a spring clean

Springs finally seems to be in the air, after some really wintery weather that everyone’s been complaining about.  Purdy can’t wait to go out for a drive in the lovely sun with Baz …………for a romantic afternoon?! Even if the […]

Did you know…changes to High Street

Just a quick blog from Baz to check that you know about the changes to the High Street this coming Sunday, March 17? He’s been passed an email at work, highlighting the changes. The main change is that from Sunday cars and delivery […]

Avoid those road works…

Getting stuck in traffic because Purdy didn’t know the best route to take sounds all too familiar to Baz. He keeps reminding her to avoid congestion and road works as per her top tip no 5!! (d’oh!) – well even […]

To skid or not to skid?

Now the snow really is arriving, Purdy’s feeling nervous about her lack of experience in driving in snow and icy conditions.  She is only getting in her car if she really has too. She has re-read her dad’s advice and […]

Who won an early Christmas present?

Purdy’s Christmas competition has come to an end now, and one lucky winner won £200 Love2Shop vouchers. Judy Stanton, a Colchester Institute employee received this unexpected early Christmas present, much to her delight! In these past weeks we’ve all made […]

Snow worries? No worries!

Although Purdy is pretty confident in her driving skills, she has yet to tackle driving in snow or ice and has to admit the thought makes her pretty anxious. So as the cold weather is setting in, she has checked […]

Purdy’s Christmas competition!

Purdy is happy! She has been putting aside all the money she has been saving since she started car sharing to work with Baz in February and following her own fuel saving tips. Her drive to work is a six mile […]

Bob’s Emergency Kit and cold weather advice

OK, so Purdy has saved him a great amount of money with her fuel saving tips, but Bob Noxious still knows best! Or at least that’s what he likes to think. With the winter coming up, he’s been worrying a […]

Baz’s obsession with the fuel gauge

Purdy is rather amused at Baz’s new obsession with how far he can drive without the fuel gauge moving! Baz has always been a bit of a fast driver, but having started on his economy drive with car sharing, then […]