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Car sharing at CHUFT & NEW top tips!

Purdy was chatting to her bezzie mate who works at Colchester Hospital last night, and was impressed to hear that the Hospital wants more people to car share! Her mate, inspired by all the money she knows Purdy is saving, […]

Freshers fair – result!

Following the freshers fair a couple of weeks back, Baz’s mate Sam is really pleased with the savings he’s worked out. Not only has he picked up lots of fuel saving tips having had a go on the driving simulator […]

Take a virtual ride at the Uni

Baz has been talking to his mate, who has just started studying at the Uni, about all the money he has been saving since he started sharing his drive to work with Purdy a few months back, and started following her fuel saving tips…… His […]

Second iPad winner takes up Purdy’s top tip!

Jenny Cook who works at Colchester Institute was the lucky winner of the second iPad in the recent loveurcarcolchester competition. Read the full Press Release here. We asked Jenny whether any of Purdy’s tips had made a difference to her fuel […]

Work out your Miles Per Gallon

If you want to work out how many £££’s Purdy’s tips save you, then you need to know how many miles per gallon you are currently achieving. So if you don’t know how to work it out watch this! Measure […]

Press Release: Local teacher wins first iPad

A local school teacher has won an ipad3 in an innovative competition to help promote greener and more fuel efficient driving. The ‘Loveurcarcolchester’ campaign was created by the Colchester Borough Council Air Quality Team in partnership with Colchester Travel Plan […]

COMPETITION CLOSED – win latest iPad 3 HERE!

The competition is now closed, the winner will be announced shortly! Enter our competition to win the latest iPad! Make sure you read the T&C’s below to check you are eligible to enter before you answer! [wp-simple-survey-1] Terms and Conditions Entrants must […]

Priority parking for carsharers at Colchester Institute

If you are fed up with the time it takes to find a car park space at Colchester Institute, then why not find some buddies to carshare with? Not only can you share your fuel costs and the daily parking […]

Find a carshare friend at Essex Uni

If you are an Essex Uni student and want to find someone to carshare with, you have your own dedicated online carshare matching scheme. Access the Student Car Share Website via and search for ‘University of Essex carshare’ in the drop down […]

Can’t believe Apple have just launched a new iPad…!

Can’t believe it, have just heard that Apple have just launched their third generation iPad (not called an iPad 3 apparently!) Too late to change our printed publicity but not too late to make the latest iPad the prize for our competition.. so […]