Share journeys share costs

Join Bald Baz and Perfect Purdy as they find the perfect way to save money.

They are also feeling pretty good about the fact that not only are they saving money but they have also reduced the impact of their driving on local air quality and traffic congestion too!  To access a transcript of this film please click here

How much can I save?

Purdy and Baz each save £180 a year carsharing for their six mile round trip to work. They take it in turns to drive so no money changes hands but they save on fuel the weeks they don’t drive their car in.  However if your car share set up needs hard cash involved then we recommend you share your fuel costs and any parking charges you incur.

Check out your own journey and how much you could save HERE

How do I find someone to car share with?

Well Purdy and Baz were lucky enough to have lived in the same street and worked in the same place. If you haven’t spotted someone in your street going in the same direction, then there are lots of other ways to find someone to car share with….and here’s a few ideas…

Email, facebook, twitter or text your friends with the link to our film to get them interested.

Ask around and bring up the subject of carsharing and the money savings to be had, whenever you can; in the canteen queue, with your mates, on a night out, in a meeting.

Post a ‘carsharer wanted’; ad on a notice board at work or college/uni or on your intranet

If you are happy to carshare with someone you don’t already know, use a free local online matching service try, you might make some great new friends as well as save money!

If you work or study at Essex Uni, then they have a dedicated carshare matching scheme, sign up at

If you think carsharing is a great idea and that your work place or college/uni should be promoting it to everyone, then get in contact as we have plenty of fun ideas for getting people matched up!

How do I know it’s safe?

Luckily for Baz, Purdy’s mum knew his mum so she felt confident sharing with him. If your carshare partner is a fellow student or work colleague then you will probably know a bit about them, however if you don’t know your car share very well, or at all,  we recommend a few basic security measures

  •  Don’t give out your home address until you are happy about your carsharing arrangements. For your first meeting or go at carsharing meet in a public place.
  • Let a friend of family member know who you will be travelling with, when and to where.
  • Do ask to see your car share’s legal documents such as driving licence, car insurance, MOT and tax and ask them for proof of identity ie passport/id badge before you agree to car share.
  • And lastly remember, you are responsible for your own safety and it is completely up to you whether you decide to car share. If you have any doubts about your car share partner, then you don’t have to travel with them.

Am I insured to carshare?

Generally carsharing will not affect your car insurance so long as you are not making a profit and are not giving lifts in a vehicle with more than eight passengers. If you have got any concerns give your insurers a quick ring.

When should I car share?

Whenever you can, regular journeys might be easier to arrange a car share for, but its fun to share for one off journeys as well like going out on the town, going shopping, going on a trip etc.

I don’t have a car, can I still carshare?

Of course you can!  You just need to find someone driving in your direction. You can then contribute towards their fuel and parking charges – they will welcome the contribution towards their costs and some cash is better than none!