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Roadworks and spring cleaning

Baz and Purdy as well as reviewing the fuel economy driving habits they picked up last year and that are savings them a fair few pounds, thought it would also be useful to recap on a few bits of useful […]

Can you make one change?

Christmas is already a dim and distant memory and we are already a month into 2014! But it’s not too late for New Year’s Resolutions and Purdy and Baz are asking YOU to be part of making Colchester a better […]

Win £300 for Christmas!

‘Tis the season to be merry’ and Purdy and Baz are getting into the festive spirit! No more buying Christmas pressies online – where’s the fun in that? No, this year they are going to shop local and enjoy Colchester! […]

23 Jul

An Appy Bob is a happy Bob!

Bob has always been a bit of a technophobe and can never understand how Baz and Purdy can get so distracted by their phones, surely there can’t be that much on it, can there? Bob has had a smart phone […]

Did you know…changes to High Street

Just a quick blog from Baz to check that you know about the changes to the High Street this coming Sunday, March 17? He’s been passed an email at work, highlighting the changes. The main change is that from Sunday cars and delivery […]

Avoid those road works…

Getting stuck in traffic because Purdy didn’t know the best route to take sounds all too familiar to Baz. He keeps reminding her to avoid congestion and road works as per her top tip no 5!! (d’oh!) – well even […]