Fuel saving top tips!

Just a few small changes to how you drive and use your car, and you could be reducing how much fuel you use, reducing the impact of your driving on your local surroundings plus saving yourself up £250 a year!

When Perfect Purdy challenges her know-it-all dad, Bob Noxious, to follow her list of fuel saving top tips for a week and see if his miles per gallon increase, he’s really surprised at the results.

Watch Purdy and Bob’s film to pick up the tips and start saving from the next time you drive!

Purdy’s made another film for those of you who want a bit more info about each tip. She’s also included an eleventh tip that will really make a big difference when you are going on a long journey….. try it and see how much further your fuel stretches.

If you want to really know how much your are saving following Purdy’s tips, you need to measure your current miles per gallon first.  If you are not sure how, Bob can help with this easy guide.

Access a transcript of the first film here.